Want to grow your own weed from seed?


Review of Crop King Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

Want to grow your own weed from seed?

 Crop King Seeds sell 31 of the worlds best marijuana strains in Feminized, Autoflowering, medical and regular varieties. Whether you are a medical patient, a secret grower or an experienced grow master, they have the best strains for large yields, high levels of THC and have various varieties of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis plants.

They are based in Vancouver, where you can visit their head office, or you can buy seeds online as they also ship all over the world. Canadian customers get marijuana seeds in their original Crop King Seeds packaging and customers from other countries receive seeds inside random objects such as pens, flashlights, birthday cards and other items. Anyone over 19 years old can buy their seeds. Their prices and stealth delivery allow you to grow your own weed from seed and harvest the best weed plants in indoor or outdoor environments wherever you live.

Their website says Crop King Seeds come in special packaging that is sealed for freshness and all orders are shipped discreetly and with complete privacy.  They also admit that importing marijuana seeds to some countries can be difficult and about 5% of orders are seized. However, they offer an express shipping option which guarantees delivery of your order, so in case of seizure by customs they will reship your order. They have been in business for over 6 years so you are safe to order from them.

Choosing the Right Type of Marijuana Seeds – Price isn’t everything!

Before you buy seeds you should know that price is not always the most important thing. Cheap seeds are probably cheap for a reason! They might have a poor germination rate or not be viable for germinating.  If you want to grow your own weed from seed it is best to choose strains that have large yields and high THC content with a High or Low CBD (cannabidiol) rating as well as CBN (cannabinol) levels.

Feminized or Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Crop King Seeds have a large selection of indoor or outdoor marijuana seeds from Cannabis Cup winners including White Widow and Northern Lights. Feminized marijuana seeds produce only female plants which give the flower or bud which is the part which contains THC. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are fast flowering plants which flower automatically during any light cycle.

The Crop King Guarantee?

Crop King Seeds really stand by our product. Their seeds are inspected, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable but their guarantee is for germination only and does not extend to growing in your choice of medium such as soil. They guarantee a minimum 80% germination success rate when using the cup of water + paper towel method, as per their instructions.

Crop King Seeds explain how to germinate their seeds.

The first step in germination is choosing a high quality cannabis strain from Crop King Seeds. Collecting the finest genetics from Crop King Seeds will result in high rates of germination. The size and color is not the only factor in determining if the seeds are viable. Some seeds such as White Widow will actually be white in color. This is normal and they are totally viable.

Each strain is tested regularly to ensure high germination rates. We work directly with many growers and our breeders to ensure our customers are able to germinate their seeds successfully. The guarantee is for germination only and does not extend to planting or growing them in your choice of growing medium such as soil.

If you want to grow your own weed from ssed visit Crop Seed Kings to order now!

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