Uses of Medical Marijuana for Treatment

Marijuana for Medical Use Only

Medical Marijuana

Uses of Medical Marijuana for Treatment

A lot of countries, and some states of the USA (check out my post on this), have a legal procedure in order to use medical marijuana for treatment. But there are still many people who are confused about what medical marijuana can treat and in what condition they can use it for treatment or some help. According to many experts, a lot of people will ask for a prescription if they suffer pain. The pain that they feel could be anything from headaches or a long-term condition, such as nerve pain or glaucoma or a disease like cancer.

For those of you living in a country, or state, where it is legal for you to use medical marijuana, and your doctor will allow you to, in order to make you feel better, you will be given a medical marijuana card. Once you have your card you are allowed to purchase marijuana from an official seller, which in some states of the USA is called a dispensary, because you are on the list of people who can buy marijuana legally.

Dr Marijuana

Doctors say that medical marijuana can be used in order to treat several diseases and conditions. Some uses of Medical Marijuana for Treatment are that it can be used in the treatment of muscle spasms for illnesses such as multiple sclerosis (MS). It can also be used to reduce Nausea that is caused by cancer chemotherapy and for those of you with a poor appetite which has been caused by chronic illness such as nerve pain or HIV, medical marijuana is the perfect option to increase your appetite. Chrons Disease and some seizures can also be treated by medical marijuana.

How does Medical Marijuana work?

There are two main chemicals in marijuana which are effective to your body:-

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the primary compounds extracted for medical marijuana. CBD has been proven to relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, cough, congestion, and nausea, and it inhibits cancer cell growth

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is one of the important elements in Marijuana has also been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to treat Nausea and to improve your appetite. You can also get THC by prescription as Cesamet and Marinol.

Sometimes, marijuana can also help natural chemicals in your body work properly.

Medical Marijuana can be taken, or used, in several ways. Usually, marijuana will be smoked, but it can also be vaporized or eaten. Vaporization releases the active ingredients, but you do not get the smoke that is formed from it. You can also eat the marijuana or it can be taken as a liquid extract.

As with any medication or treatment, some people can have side effects of using Medical Marijuana. But you do not have to worry about these too much because they will not last long. Drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria and short-term memory loss are a couple of side effects that you may get if you consume marijuana but these are outweighed by the benefits.

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